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February 22, 2016
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What is an Energy Saver Box?

Pearland Energy Saver Box

The Energy Saver Box may be new to Texas, but similar boxes and services have been used by customers in Northern states for a long time. They were available under the title Kilowatt Volt Amperage Reduction (KVAR) Box. Having seen that there was nothing similar to these Electricity/Energy Saver Boxes in Texas, our team of business men decided to bring the energy savings and money savings box down to Texas.

My name is Abdul Albitar, I volunteered to bring the Electricity/Energy Saver Box to Texas. So my family of 4 and I packed our bags and we chose to move to Pearland because there is already a large community and the community is growing, which simply means there are a lot of families to serve. There is something about us humans that always points to wanting to do good for all.

This way whether the economy goes up or down, we know our customers will feel good because they know they are saving every single month from the very first day of installation.

I am an electrician by trade, I will personally meet you to go over installation. I may have one of my aids to do the actual install or in some cases I may do it my self (I like to stay in the loop).

I look forward to meet you and extend the savings to your family.

Please use the contact page and choose any form of communication you prefer.

Happy Savings!

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