February 22, 2016
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Our wonderful customers are the reason we’re in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

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Initially I was skeptical. How could such a small thing make a difference. Besides, why didn’t I hear about it before? But I decided to try it out. I was able to see the difference in my bill, even though I got the box installed in the middle of the month. — Kim Sullivan (Pearland, TX)

Install took about 45 minutes, I had to take off work to see the work done. But 2 months later, I’m glad I got the box installed. — Mark Lisbony (Missouri City, TX)

I want to thank Electric Saver 1200 for all the savings I have got since 2010. When I got my new house I was paying $400 a month and after installing my Electric Saver 1200 my bill went to $260. I recommend it 100% If you don’t have this product, you are paying way more than you should on your power bill! Thanks a lot. – Mario Cordero (Georgia)

I’m very satisfied with my Electric Saver 1200 unit, which you installed on November 7, 2008. My first month’s electric bill went from $1001.60 to $714.64. Your Electric Saver 1200 saved me 28% on my Electric bill. I’m encouraging my clients to take advantage of these energy savings. I also feel good about helping the environment. Thank you, are providing a very important and beneficial service to people. – Ralph E

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